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BALI CATCH NET Inspired by our colleagues working on canine rabies vaccination programmes in Asia, we have developed a detachable netted hoop and pole combination. Designed to enable the humane capture of feral dogs this model includes a detachable pole (122cm length) (48 in)so that the dog may be held short term for treatment and/or transportation without the encumbrance of the pole. A super strong nylon netting is stitched securely onto a large 63cm (24.5 inch)diameter circular frame. The 25 x 25mm(9.3 inches)x 9.3 in) netting is 134cm (52.7 inc) deep allowing the safe capture of medium-sized dogs up to 35kgs.(77 lbs) allowing a number of dogs to be humanely transported in a suitable vehicle.This method has been tried and tested by experts in the field and has been deemed best practice when dealing with feral and stray dogs within TNR and vaccination programmes. *Tube and hoop zinc plated to prevent rust *Detachable netted hoop *Tangle-free netting *With practice, the net can be used to capture a dog on the run *Once the net is over the dog, the pole handle is twisted and the dog remains isolated within the net. *The pole handle may then be detached *Robust mild steel tube handle *The net may be cleaned by steeping in your disinfectant of choice, rinsed and air dried. *Total weight 2kg (approx) (4 .4 pounds) * Replacement nets are available.

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