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PAIR OF RABIES PROTECTION GLOVES, MEN These Rabies Glove design has been upgraded and improved over time to meet the needs of the professionals who use this glove. They are made to be as protective as possible but must be used cautiously, keeping in mind the injuries caused by animals may still occur. Be sure you understand the limitations of your gloves before purchasing them. The supplier’s commitment is to provide customers with the best equipment to assist you in your work. However, 100% protection cannot be guaranteed iin the wide variety of situations the user may encounter *The Rabies Glove has a sturdy 12 inch cuff which was designed for maximum dexterity and feel, *Elk hide lined with Kevlar felt, a strong lining to prevent any crushing of the arm and high protection against penetration *Conmfortable, they protect the hand and fingers from penetration by teeth, talons, and claws. *Cut resistant and fireproof

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