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AGC CLIPPER – 1-SPEED This powerful single-speed motor mower designed for professional use. Blade speed 2,700 c/min *Heats so little that fans and air slots that can become clogged with hair are not necessary. *Silent operation to avoid stressing even the most sensitive animals *Removable control cap for easy cleaning *Locked blade hinge – blade will not come loose *Housing material resistant to breakage and corrosive chemicals *Waterproof motor for long life and minimum noise *Maintenance-free – no oil or grease required for internal parts *Detachable blades for easy replacement and cleaning *Sturdy 14 gauge cord – 4,2 m *Compatible with all Ultra® EdgeTM and Ceramic EdgeTM blades (sold separately) – the most complete line of blades in the industry *Blades also compatible with the Oster A-5 model and most detachable lawnmowers. *CONTENT: mower, 10 UltraEdgeTM blade and lubricating oil

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