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Loving pets is not the only requirement for becoming a Professional Trainer! Many techniques have to be learned and mastered. By taking the courses offered by Stephanie Montreuil, well known in the Grooming world, you will learn all you need to succeed in your new career.

Stephanie is passionate about Pet Grooming: she participates in many national and international competitions, and have won numerous First Prize ribbons. With over 28 years of experience, Stephanie is a certified CPPS and IPG Groomer which operates in 28 countries.

She owns the Salon Pattes de la Mode in Saint-Sauveur, Qc., where the Training courses will be held.


This course requires a groomer’s certification.
Private (1 person) = 250.00$ plus taxes
Semi-Private (2 persons) = 215.00$ plus taxes
Group (5 persons maximum) = 175.00$ plus taxes
Coaching (1 person) approximately 6 hours, 10h-16h = 100.00$ plus taxes

These courses let you choose the technique you want to improve, be it precise race haircutting and styling, become more efficient with scissors, with a razor and even polish up your stripping technique.

COMPLETE GROOMING COURSE: 5,000.00$ plus taxes

This private course is given during a period of 3 months, at the rate of 8 hours a day per week.

You will learn among others: Introduction to the complete equipment needed, which tool to
use and when and how to maintain (razors, scissors, thinning shears…) in perfect working condition as well as how to disinfect them.

Theory and Practice of Grooming Techniques (scissors, razor, hair removal, brushing, dematting, nail trimming).

Specific cut styles for particular races and different types of hair.

The finishing touch (body, legs and face)

Dog handling.

Once the course is finished,
Stephanie will always be there for you: through Internet, by Phone or in person.