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CATCH NET FOR CATS A safe way to catch a wide variety of birds, cats and other small animals, the black mesh net is attached to a closure mechanism and fixed pole.This net is strong, lightweight and easy to manipulate. The opening is controlled by a simple mechanism which holds it in the kite shape until the moment of capture when it can be closed quickly by drawing back the operating sleeve and collapsing the steel former. *The kite shape was chosen to facilitate working the net into corners. *Tangle free netting *Closure mechanism *Easy store *The fabric net and its operating mechanism are carried on a 1220mm (48in) stainless steel handle *all metal parts are bright zinc plated *The net is fine honeycomb mesh and does not stretch, animals don?t become entangled and it can be replaced quite easily. *When not in use the catch net is easily stowed in a vehicle, clinic or ward. *Weight 1.85kg (approx.)

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